Imago mundi collection

Image of the World and the Cosmos in miniature

Spring/Summer Collection

”Imago Mundi” – Image of the World and the Cosmos in miniature is a concept introduced by Mircea Eliade in his philosophical writings about changing the spirit of an era and the return to nature.

To respect the golden ratio, this collection explores the symbolism of the Endless Column and the Kiss Gate, represented in the artworks of famous Romanian sculptor Constantin Brâncuși, elements interpreted by the designer from an artistic point of view and converted into garments embroidery and form.

The clothing collection based on Romanian culture, art and tradition, also reflected in other cultures around the world, creates an elegant and sophisticated fusion for those who can appreciate handcraft, the high quality of luxury products and the benefits of using natural fibers.

We mention that the cross cutting point of inspiration and the symbolism hidden in Romanian traditional costumes are found in a perfect symbiotic relationship with the modern.

The reflection of Romanian roots, intertwined with modernity, is reflected in the rigid structures of the natural hemp and flax fabric, combined with the fluidity of wool, cotton and raw gentleness and delicacy.

This particular collection is obtained by working with top manufacturers from Romania, factories best-known for the superior quality of the 100% natural fiber and also by working with small producers of traditional weaving loom from Transylvania and Banat region.

The designer’s purpose was not to produce trend and fashion, but to bring back the art of dressing the body with creation that complement the body shape, providing convenience on the „second skin”, in harmony with the nature of colors and shapes, and promoting Romanian textiles.

Project financed from own funds and conducted under universal exhibition- Expo Milano 2015 – Romanian Pavilion

Video Presenting ALINA MOZA - Design at EXPO Milano 2015 - Romanian Pavilion

“ Imago Mundi “ - Spring / Summer Collection

Expo Milano 2015