As a fashion designer, Alina Moza’s creations are a brave fusion between tradition and modernism, story and ingenuity, with the purpose of dressing up personalities with a strong life philosophy. Created in limited edition, Alina Moza’s collections carry out a candid dialogue with any speaker, talking about simple, elegant and elaborate beauty.

The asymmetric seam lines, play of colors, delicacy of natural materials and the pleasant touch it offers in contact with one’s skin, all of these features transform Alina Moza’s collections into an attire for the soul, a second layer of indulgence for the body.

Through her attention to detail, the seam line and elaborate finishing, Alina Moza’s creations bring to light each one’s singularity, in a world that only seems to know how to create stereotypes. Just as art enriches nature, so do Alina Moza’s collections enrich your body and soul.

Alina Moza is a brand that works with the individual for the individual. The design allows the personality of the person wearing it to reach to surface, through all senses.

Alina Moza’s designs incite the senses; fashion is not worn, but rather felt.

Alina Moza is a brand that offers:

-          Custom made clothes

-          Natural, high quality fabrics

-          Attention to details, fine stitching, exceptional finishing

-          Full experience – collections that arouse the senses

-          Specialized clothing consultancy